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Luisa and Daniel's house

Their house is smaller than my house. But their home is in a city many times bigger than mine. I shouldn't be sleeping at their house tonight. Tonight I should have been sleeping outside on the street.

But Luiza didn't let me do that. Although I explained that this would be the first crazy thing I would do in so many years.

She has a smile on her face. Luiza has stunning blue eyes. It was the first time I met her, and she invited me to stay at her house. I came back to this big city scared and hurt. Here I find myself tonight, writing on her balcony.

Something in my past happened in this town. I lost faith that there were people who helped. I had also lost faith in love. It felt like it was something created by people like me. I thought so until I saw how Luiza and Daniel looked at each other.

It was a sight that couldn't have happened if one of the two of them wasn't there. If Daniel wasn't there, the sighting wouldn't be complete. Luiza and Daniel became wide at that sight. I think that is the look of love. They are both entirely together. And so it will always be Luiza and Daniel's home for me.

It seems to me that life gives you signs of overcoming pain and sadness. And so the house of Luiza and Daniel was a sign of happiness.


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