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The invisible box

It was like being locked in a box. This lasted almost three years. I was locked in a box. But there was a box that no one could see. I couldn't even look at it until this moment.

It was a box that had my dimensions. I was standing inside it. I even walked with him on the street. Everywhere for the last three years, I went with that box. I had stuff inside it, my head, arms, and legs. The worst thing was that I had put my eyes and thoughts inside her.

Now I understand how it happened. I fell in love with a narcissist. And after that moment, I got into the box. He built that box bit by bit. The first piece I put into the box was my head. The construction of that box started with the sentence, "You can't achieve anything without me." This sentence built the first part of the box, and that's where my head got into it.

Then my feet went into the box. This box part was built with the sentence, "You can't go without me." The third part of the box that was made took my hands. He created this part of the box with the sentence, "You can't do anything without me."

Little by little, the box took all of me. I and that box were one. At night, while I slept, it was me and the box and him. There were also moments when I reacted with the sentence, "Your behavior is suffocating me." This sentence was denied by replying that my mind was creating all this. It was as if he enjoyed the box in which I entered.

With that box, I needed clarification, and there were times when I lost my way. For almost three years, I lived with that box like a confused being. The worst part was that she was invisible. With that box, I was never right.

And now I say how I lived so long with that box. So many days and so many nights. That doesn't matter. It is said that what is past is past. Now is the present time. I have removed that box too.

At first, I swept it off my feet. I've been going without that box for almost five days now. Then from my hands. I enjoy it so much now that I know I made everything myself. It's such a beautiful release that I even got it out of my head. My thoughts are as pure as the smooth flow of a river. They just flow for me to achieve my goals. The invisible box is no longer with me now. I can't even explain what a narcissist is anymore. And if someone feels that their breath is taken away and they cannot think, check if you have put yourself in an invisible box. After checking, please remove that hidden box from you. You will breathe freely, and your thoughts will be calm. Trust me, because I just pulled that whole invisible box.


I really liked this one. So well written and profound, I wish it was longer. Kudos to the author


This is one of my favorite!

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