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The silence of the island

That day should have been different. It was not. They met only once. They were supposed to meet again, but a fight ruined everything.

After that fight, there was anger, pain, and tears. Then silence made everything forget. Where they met doesn't matter.

It felt like it was a story created by the writers. Those most romantic and drunk with wine. A fight that started ''I can't do it anymore''. Then anger destroyed everything.

He said big lies. One of them said I'm in love with you.

Pain, tears, pain, and silence. Time did her job. She forgot this voice. He didn't remember the color of her hair. Time did her job.

Humans are like that. They fall in love. And after that, they have a fear of giving more. Details don't matter. Names and places don't matter. Behavior is everything. He doesn't remember her name. Time did her job.

And are other humans? The writers. They create stories for lovers and pain. The only truth here is that time did her job.


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