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Author of Four Men.  Muskaj has been considered a promising author both in Albania and Kosovo.

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Winner of ''Fjalë Grash, Albas, 2022''

Xhena Muskaj

Latest Release

"Four Men" is both more and less than a game of chess.
Even if you know how to play chess or not, it doesn't matter. In this psychological game there are not four men, there are more than that. There are also women and children. In the end, only one remains. This someone is neither a man nor a woman nor a child. There is someone inside every man, woman and child. What you will do with it, you know.

"Four Men" just helps you find it. The path seems short, but it is not. It was challenging for me, until I found...''

Xhentiana Muskaj holds a degree in Journalism and Communication from the University of Tirana. During her studies, she became a recipient of the Dritan Hoxha Prize from ''Top Channel'', one of the biggest media channels in Albania. She then received her MSc in Media Marketing at the University of Tirana.

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Short Stories

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It was like being locked in a box. This lasted almost three years. I was locked in a box. But there was a box that no one could see. I couldn't even look at it until this moment. It was a box that had my dimensions. I was standing inside it. I even walked with him on the street. Everywhere for the last three years...

The city with buildings upside down - Xhentiana Muskaj.jpeg

I was not born in this city. In this city, I came to study. It doesn't matter what the name of this city is. Only what is happening in this city is necessary to tell. In this city, the buildings are upside down. And, you are maybe thinking that I am that I, who am telling you this, am a drug addict. But this is not true...

13 hours since the death of my father - Xhentiana Muskaj 1

13 hours have passed. For 13 hours, the way I have to form some sentences has changed. I can no longer say my father is at home. I can't even say I'm going out to dinner with my dad anymore. Also, I can't even say I call my dad anymore. This is not so accurate. Yes, I can call him. His phone is still on. It is not turned off, but it is not the father who picks up the phone...

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I didn't know if I was capable of loving someone or if I was worthy of being loved.  At the time, I was just a 22-year-old with a foreign body growing inside her. I didn't know what sex was, let alone love. On my way to the hotel, I thought to myself that he's a good kisser and probably is good at other things, too.


I like to read books and support new talents. I don't live in Albania, but I

told my sister to buy the Xhentiana book. There were moments when I

went deep into my descriptions and fantasies. My husband even asked me a question when I was reading the book. I was so deep in reading that I got scared. 

I felt all the moments when I cried, and in others, I laughed at the subtle irony used by the author, such as in the sentence,` If the woman gets an R,

the manhood ends'.

It is very fine in the use of words. Sometimes the book even confuses you.  An author without a gender throws you here and there. The writing seems easy with very simple language, but the way of detailing the events is quite a mystery, you need to use your brain.

'Shadow Men', for example, is a philosophical writing. I believe that each of us has such characters in life. The characters are as stubborn as they are sweet, mystical, philosophical, familiar, romantic.

Rajmonda Gashi

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